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無料相談も行っております!お問い合わせはこちら 052-693-8241 24時間WEB予約 初診診療予約はこちらから


診療のご予約・お問合せ TEL:052-693-8241

Clinic space・Equipment医院紹介・設備紹介

The turning point in your dental care.

We strive to see dental care through our patients’ eyes in all aspects of our clinic. We know that visiting a dentist can sometimes make you feel anxious, and we make every effort to reduce that feeling by providing you with a clinic space that is pleasant, clean and calming, as well as modern equipment so you will feel reassured that you are receiving the best and most comfortable treatment. This way we can make sure that your visit is a favorable and positive experience.



  • View from Outside 1 医院外観1

    Our clinic is located inside AEON shopping mall, which makes coming by car a little bit easier and you won’t need to worry about the weather or rushing to catch the bus or train.


  • View from Outside 2 医院外観2

    Inside the mall we are located between MUJI and Studio Alice. A little retail therapy in the mall before or after your treatment is a great way to relax.

    MUJI様とスタジオアリスの間に位置しています。 ご来院と合わせて、お買い物などにも便利です。

Clinic spaceクリニック紹介

  • Reception and Waiting Area 受付・待合スペース

    Our reception and waiting area is spacious and barrier-free. Next to the reception desk is a convenient consultation desk for short discussions with your dentist and hygienist.


  • Kid’s Space キッズスペース

    We have a kid’s space in front of the reception desk. Our staff at the reception can see the space at all times so you can feel relieved that your kids are safe while receiving your treatment.


  • Examination Space 診療スペース

    Our dental chairs and treatment spaces have the right balance of privacy, safety and comfort. A partition wall between each chair ensures your privacy, while the open space provides freedom of movement for our staff to quickly respond to your needs. This setting is also comforting for people who may feel anxious when visiting the dentist by reducing the feeling of claustrophobia.


  • Private Examination Room 特別診療室

    Our private examination room allows us to provide you with a comfortable treatment environment for more extensive treatments and operations, such as dental implants.


  • Relaxing Care Space

    Our reclining dental chairs offer more relaxation for less complicated treatments that require frequent visits, such as teeth whitening.


  • Counseling Room

    In addition to our consultation desk at reception, we also provide you with a private room so your privacy during counseling will be secured.


  • Brushing Space

    It is not always easy to find time to brush your teeth before you arrive for your appointment. Please feel free to use our brushing space to brush your teeth before your appointment or to touch up your makeup after your treatment.



  • Dental X-ray 歯科用CTレントゲン

    We need the right tools to provide you with the most effective treatment. Our up-to-date and modern X-ray equipment provides us with much more detailed and accurate information of your tooth and bone condition than traditional X-ray machines. We are able to see the condition inside your bones, which is especially important for successful implant treatments.


  • Microscope マイクロスコープ

    Microscopic examination enables us to assess your dental conditions at a very high resolution, which means a higher degree of accuracy and a more successful treatment. We are also able to record the data and display it on the computer screen so you can be better informed and understand your dental condition.


  • Sterilizers 各種滅菌器

    We are dedicated to your health and safety. We always ensure our dental instruments and equipment are clean and germ-free. Our dental instruments and equipment are washed, sterilized and lubricated with a high-pressure steam sterilizer prior to your treatment.


  • Extra-oral Vacuum 口腔外バキューム

    We use an extra-oral vacuum to prevent infection from scattered dust that potentially contains harmful bacteria and viruses.


  • Dental Loupes

    All the dentists and dental hygienists at Pulcino Dental Office use dental loupes to carefully examine your dental condition and give you the best treatment possible.


  • Super Polyphosphoric Whitening

    Our advanced whitening technique uses a combination of polyphosphate sodium and platinum nano colloid that offers exceptional stain removal with much less tooth sensitivity.


  • Salvia Testing 唾液検査

    Saliva tests are an easy and effective way of revealing certain dental issues that could affect your dental health now and in the future. Our modern testing machine provides a thorough analysis in just 5 minutes.


  • Oral CCD Camera 口腔内CCDカメラ

    With the Oral CCD camera, we can show you the inside of your mouth and give you a clearer explanation about your dental condition.


  • Phase Contrast Microscope to
    Find Periodontal Bacteria

    With a phase contrast microscope, we can clearly see microorganisms that cannot be seen with an ordinary microscope. The phase contrast microscope enables us to collect plaque from periodontal pockets and examine periodontopathic bacteria.


  • Painless dental treatment

    We offer painless dental treatment for those who have severe anxiety, or if a treatment will incur a high level of pain. We use computer-controlled anesthetic equipment to ensure your comfort and safety.


  • Dental care products 各種デンタルグッズ販売

    We sell dental care products specially selected by our dentists that are only available for purchase at dental clinics. You can purchase these goods without an appointment so please feel free to visit our clinic anytime.

    院内にて、ドクターがセレクトした、歯科医院専売商品のデンタルグッズをピックアップして販売しております。 デンタルグッズだけの購入も可能ですので、お気軽にご来院ください。

How to find us

Our clinic is easily accessed by public transport. Car parking can also be easily found. We are conveniently located in AEON mall Aratamabashi which is just a short walk from Aratamabashi subway station or Yobitsugi Meitetsu station.